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To celebrate the Festivus season, and also all nine seasons of Seinfeld now streaming on Hulu, you submitted your favorite, funniest moments. For a show about nothing, there were countless memorable scenes. Here are your top 10.

1. The Contest - Patrickstarfish415


FACT: Quite possibly the most well known episode, Season 4's "The Contest" involves a bet between the fab four on who can remain "The Master of Their Domain" the longest by refraining from masturbating. Kramer falls first and slams his money down on the counter proclaiming, "I'm out!", after spying on a naked woman in the apartment across the street.

2. The Bro - a Wikia contributor

The bro

FACT: In the episode "The Doorman" of Season 6, Frank and Kramer invent a supportive garment for men's upper bodies, after Kramer points out that Frank has "real hooters". The pair create The Bro (Kramer's preferred name) or the Mansierre (Frank's preferred name), and later Kramer introduces it to some angry German tourists.

3. The Puffy Shirt - teamoxfordcomma

The Puffy Shirt

FACT: In season 5, at a dinner together, Kramer's girlfriend asks Jerry to wear the pirate inspired titular shirt on his appearance on The Today Show, and Jerry unwittingly agrees because he can't hear a word the "low-talker" is saying. After he makes fun of the shirt on TV, the formerly low-talker yells, quite audibly, "You Bastard!" off camera.

4. Elaine's Dance - a Wikia contributor

Elaine dancing

FACT: In season 8, "The Little Kicks", Elaine takes George to her company party and she breaks out her now infamous dance moves, which include body spasms, two thumbs up, and random cocked-foot kicks. Her staff loses respect for her and George astutely describes Elaine's dancing as "a full body dry heave set to music".

5. Jerk Store - Sgrlwlohh


FACT: In the 8th season episode, "The Comeback", while George is busy chomping down on shrimp at a company meeting, his coworker remarks ""Hey, George, the ocean called. They're running out of shrimp." Unable to think of a comeback on the spot, George thinks of one later, flies to Akron where his former coworker now works, and tries the line, "Well, the jerk store called, and they're running out of you." It fails.

6. Festivus - a Wikia contributor

The strike

FACT: In season 9's, "The Strike", Frank and Kramer revive Festivus, a holiday created by Frank as an alternative to commercialized Christmas. The holiday is celebrated with an unadorned aluminum pole, Airing of Grievances, and Feats of Strength, which usually involve George wrestling his father.

7. The Junior Mint - a Wikia contributor

The junior mint

FACT: In Season 4, Jerry and Kramer are observing Elaine's ex-boyfriend's spleen surgery. Kramer, while snacking on Junior Mints, offers one to Jerry and after a scuffle, accidentally flings one into the body during surgery. A York Peppermint Patty was actually used in the close-up aerial shot, as the Junior Mint was too small for the camera.

8. The Subway - a Wikia contributor

Seinfeld subway

FACT: In season 3's "The Subway", each of the the quartet has a unique experience on the subway. Jerry meets an overweight nudist; George misses a job interview after being seduced, handcuffed and robbed by another passenger; Kramer wins big betting on horse races; and Elaine misses a lesbian wedding due to delays.

9. The Soup Nazi - a Wikia contributor


FACT: In Season 7, Jerry, George, and Elaine go to a new soup stand run by the very strict, Soup Nazi. After George breaks soup ordering protocol, his soup is confiscated and the Soup Nazi yells, "No soup for you!"

10. Man hands - a Wikia contributor


FACT: In season 8's "The Bizarro Jerry", Jerry dates an attractive woman who turns out to have very unattractive man hands, and Jerry, George, and Kramer meet their bizarro world counterparts. The signature Seinfeld theme song is also played backwards throughout the post credits scene.

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