My history as a Seinfeld fan.

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I saw the pilot episode in 1989.

Next episode I saw was The Sniffing Accountant. I really got a kick out of Kramer kicking in the stall door to snap a picture of the accountantant.

Didn't become a regular viewer until late 1995.

Watched the finale live. Not a big fan of that one.

Used to watch the syndicated airings religiously between 1998-2005.

Most of my viewing of the show today is done through YouTube clips of the show. Not the same as watching the episodes, but some of those clips are great.

Sometimes I watch it on TBS, but that is a very rare occurance.

I'll eventually get the DVDs, but I'm in no rush.

Seinfeld and Married With Children are the only live-action sitcoms I like as much as The Simpsons.

Seinfeld's biggest draw to me is its rewatchability factor.

The only live action sitcom I have gotten into since Seinfeld went off the air is Malcom in the Middle and that was only for the first two seasons. Seinfeld has ruined other shows for me. Ha ha. They really raised the bar for sitcoms and nothing has come close.

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