Vanessa was Jerry's girlfriend throughout most of Season One, despite appearing in only two episodes. Vanessa was played by Lynn Clark.


Vanessa is a lawyer, and she is first seen at a party that Elaine and Jerry went to. Jerry instantly liked her, but she was with another man, and did not want to ask her out in front of Elaine. He instantly remembered where she worked, (Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft) and after his parents' convincing, he decides to stake out where she worked. Jerry and George wait for her at the elevator, claiming to be waiting for Art Vandelay (first mention of him). Jerry found out that the man she was with was her cousin, and they start to go out. ("The Stake Out")

After not being seen, Jerry brings Vanessa to Vermont with him, three episodes later. Here Jerry is worried only about a stock, and along with the bad weather, the couple have a very bad time. ("The Stock Tip")

Notes About Nothing

  • Vanessa appeared in the first episode ever to feature Elaine. (Season 1, Episode 2- "The Stake Out")
  • Vanessa is one of a few of Jerry's girlfriends to appear in more than one episode.
  • She remained Jerry's girlfriend for four episodes, but only appeared in two.


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