Featured Articles are the best of the pages that the WikiSein has to offer. These pages make the wiki look good, and help promote visitors. The Featured Articles would be showcased on the Main Page. Any user can nominate the Featured Article, and the voting for the article will be done on the respective Voting page. The Featured Article will be updated once a month, usually at the start of the month, unless there is no new nominations.

To be a Featured Article it must...

  1. about Seinfeld.
  2. well written, easy to follow.
  3. ...follow the layout guide.
  4. ...fairly long, no stubs.
  5. ...not have a large amount of redlinks.
  6. ...have an image, images grab attention.
  7. ...not be pure fandom.


  1. Put the link in the page given below using the given template.
  2. Sign your name, so you may be recognized.
  3. If the article is not considered good enough, it will be removed.


  1. There will be a voting section on the Nominations Page, and will be labeled for next month.
  2. All you must do is type the page you want and sign your name.
  3. If there are more Support than Opposition, it will be the Featured Article.
  4. All users can vote once, voting twice will not be counted.
  5. If there is no voting, and the article meets the requirements, it automatically becomes featured.


Main article: Project:Featured Articles/Nominations
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